Bourbon Sour Mash Sipping Vinegar

A Short Story

Deep within a small gully wash at the edge of Pisser Rock, was the chosen location for bladder relief over a 127 ft. drop. This is where Mick Arthur maintained his daddy's fine copper still. For more than 60 years, it held a sinful pride for his fine wash with just enough corn to barley and rye. Mick’s addition to papa’s sacred recipe was a daring a touch of bee’s honey.

After several weeks had past Etter, the eldest of Mick’s eleven grand babies, began to wonder what was keeping her Papaw Mick. While Mama, thinking that the Feds locked him up again, she got the kids ready for a prison visit, Etter began to hike up to the old still.

The still was cold and dry while the mash barrel was filled to the top. Looking over Pisser Rock she found old Papaw Mick. After that long a drop he was still holding his old jug of fine Carolina Bourbon.

The mash by now had fermented out to vinegar. Etter dips a finger into the mash for a taste. Her assumption was true - it had spoiled. But to the lord's blessing Her Papua had left her the finest Carolina Bourbon Vinegar ever had throughout the hills of Appalachia.

Sour Mash Bourbon Vinegar --- 12oz, $17.95

La Fresca crafts small artisan batches from local grains of Corn, Barley and Rye with a touch of Cane Sugar, Honey and fresh Clean Water. It is then aged in oak.

Our bourbon vinegar is produced at La Fresca Foods' "vinegar works" in Statesville NC. USA.

Under license of Etter somewhere in the hills of Western North Carolina.