Vinegars made @ La Fresca

Vinegars, Shrubs, & Bitters

Our vinegars start as fresh fruit, apples, peaches and pears.

These have been sourced from orchards on the Piedmont soil of North Carolina.

We process the fruit at our vinegar works in historic Statesville., NC.

The fruit is crushed, pressed into juice then fermented.

Regular Vinegars


Regular Vinegars provide a wonderful accent to salad dressings and dishes

Drinking Vinegars


Drinking vinegars are sweetened until it renders a sweet and delightfully sour experience.

This can be drank alone or as a cocktail condiment.

Add a shot or two to soda water and ice and create a surprisingly refreshing summer drink.



Our Shrubs are a marrying of fruit vinegar with fresh fruit and pure cane sugar.

The trinity goes through a second fermentation - developing a wonderful condiment for any type of drinks (alcoholic or not)

Ginger Beer Syrup