Dino's handmade sourdough bread

Lets face it, "all breads are not created equal "

The old traditional way of making bread (Dino's way) has a few things going for it and one major thing going against it...

The good:

The goodness begins first with the nose, then it hits the taste buds and causes a different reaction for people.

For many, it's a reminder of what bread once was:

a crusty outside, a dense but airy middle that reminds many people of growing up when mom or Grandma baked bread the old fashion way, from scratch. ...

Two negatives for Dino's breads:

1. They won't last due to another family member sneaking a slice or two before you do

2. They don't have preservatives

This means after about two days, if your bread is still around (shame on you), it's time to make croutons or throw it to the birds.

Not to worry though, if you want your bread to last a few weeks after you purchase it, simply purchase from your local grocer.


Daily Offerings


Dinp's Aunt's pizzelles

A recipe from Dino's Aunt - Pizzelles are available in vanilla/orange or chocolate

Gently warm these up in the oven at 250 degrees for a few minutes to get a crispy treat.

Not to be outdone, Susan has her own specialties available at our shop which are too numerous to list

Come on in and see what she has baking.

Hint, check out the muffins!

You can give us a call a day ahead and we'll be happy to hold your pre-ordered bread for you

Thursday & Saturday Offerings

Saturday is for pick up only - please place any bread orders on Friday

If more than 6 bagels are needed, please order ahead - we make a limited fresh amount



Bagels @ La Fresca Foods

Freshly baked Bagels

Created from a unique blend of bread flour and malt, these bagels have far more taste and bite than chain made bagels.

For orders of 10 or more, please call ahead so we can freshly prepare them


French Bread


Dino's French bread is made from a combination of yeast and bread flour.

After rising, the dough is baked at high temperature, with moisture, to produce a hard crust.


Italian Bread

Italian bread

Dino's Italian bread has ingredients similar to the French loaf - but made into the Italian bread format. This Hearty bread will make you rethink the big grocery store breads.


Sourdough Bread


Sourdough bread is made from a traditional starter, that takes the place of yeast.

40% white whole grain - unbleached - flour is used

A 24 hour rise period is given.

The dough is then baked at high temperature, with moisture, to produce a nice, thick, crust.

(This is the bread shown in the top photo.)

Please give a minimum of 48 hours when pre-ordering sourdough