About La Frecsa Foods

What started as an idea has transformed into La Fresca Foods

Spanning four decades of culinary expertise, Dino honed his skills as a master food creator.

In a middle of the night brainstorm he decided to share his artisan breads at the local Statesville Farmers Market.

While causing a stir within the community "A Village Baker" was born.


Dino continued experimenting with other divine delights such as luscious chocolate creations.

After several years of creating, testing, and formulating it was time to expand.

Through hard work and perseverance La Fresca Foods became a reality.


La Fresca Foods has evolved into boutique food developer.

We produce:

an assortment of fresh artisan Fine Chocolates,

a wide variety of Chinese Tea,

Gourmet Vinegars, Shrubs, and Kombunchas.

And we import a wide variety of very high quality Chinese teas


Classes, tastings and special events are periodically offered

We take pride in serving quality items, great service, and hopefully a laugh or two.