La Fresca Foods Statesville, NC

*Pre-order Mother's Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries (all strawberries are from local farm):

Regular size strawberries: Large size strawberries:

6 for $7.50 6 for $9

12 for $15 12 for $18

*Pre-order Mother's Day Cakes (strawberry sponge cake + whipped cream frosting, all made from scratch):

Cupcake Bouquet (12 cupcakes) $24

6" Flower Cake $35

Craft Foods

La Fresca Foods focuses on crafted Chocolates, Vinegar, and shrubs

We bake and offer at Statesville's Farm Market, freshly baked goods: bagels, pizzeles, cookies, orange bread.

Bagels, Bialys, Special Pies & Cakes, Cranberry Orange Bread, and Fresh Pasta can be purchased online.

In addition customized cakes, pies, dinner rolls, and other items can be purchased directly from us.

Our Chocolates and French Macaons may be purchased at GG's Art & Frame @ Center St. and Broad St.

Dino's handmade chocolate truffles
crafted Jasmine Tea